Kelbin Lei Gay?

Mr. Hottie Kelbin Lei is one of Vietnam’s top teen model, he looks so unique. But don’t you ever wonder if he’s gay? what are your thoughts? please comment below.


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8 Responses to Kelbin Lei Gay?

  1. Ol'g says:

    If Lekbin is gay -I love it ❤

  2. merlyn martin says:

    no!! trully no!!.. he is not a gay.. may be you are a gay!!
    fuck to Ol’g… >:o

    • Dumbass says:

      He said if He was gay he would still love kelbin, idiot. Don’t jump to the conclusions and read the reply carefully genius.

  3. Warren A. Small says:

    He could be gay he could not! Untill u make it open one way or the other its open to speculation. When u say one way or the other it is no more any of your business. In my opinion being queer and dealing with it and others on a daily does not always matter wut people who aren’t accepting close friends and family are lead to believe definitely if they are famous!

  4. faggots says says:


  5. Dr. Acula says:

    totes a sodomite and that’s okay

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