We love her but…

Why is our gorgeous Miss Global Vietnam 2007 Alex Tran engaged to such a old guy, she can do better. What do you think? is it true love? Or is there another face to our sweet Alex Tran. I really think she’s pretty and can get a better looking guy.


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2 Responses to We love her but…

  1. htothedizzle says:

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    The vote button is to the left of my photo! Thank you so much!


  2. LILLY says:

    OMG.I completely agree with these comments. She is too beautiful and smart to be dating this old geezer. She probably has a zillion suitors, but I don’t know what kind of charm this dude has…he is one lucky guy. She is still young so hopefully she will not marry this man, but yet to take her time.

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